The development of effective teaching strategies is an area that I am passionate about; I feel that an early exposure to scientific research is key to engaging students and ensuring they develop the necessary understanding of science and critical thinking processes required for a successful research career. I have observed that students feel that traditional lectures can be dry and unengaging, and as a result, many students lack motivation or interest, and do not become involved with research. In contrast, when students are provided with interactive classes, and authentic research and fieldwork experiences, they actively participate in these programmes, and are more likely to remain in STEM education. As well as taking into account different learning styles and equity, I feel it is also important to embrace the diversity of the student body in order to produce well-educated, culturally sensitive graduates with strong critical thinking capabilities.


Teaching Experience

2017 (present): Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University (UK). I am currently the module leader for two modules; Animal Form and Function (first year), and Animal Health and Nutrition (second year).

2015: Biology Teaching Fellow with University College London as part of a collaboration with Nazerbayev University (Kazakhstan).

2014-2015: Educational developer with La Trobe University (Australia). Re-developed the practical laboratory curriculum for Australian Fauna and Ecology, which includes an online blended learning component.

2014: Head demonstrator for Animal Physiology at La Trobe University (Australia).

2011-2015: Laboratory demonstrator for the following units at La Trobe University (Australia):
Animal Evolution & Diversity
Organisation & Function Of Cells & Organisms
Australian Fauna & Ecology
Animal Behaviour
Animal Physiology
Zoology A (Behavioural Biology Methods and Behavioural Ecology)
Zoology B (Reproductive Biology)

2007-2008: Laboratory demonstrator for 1st year Biology (BIOL 112: Animal Biology), and tutor for 2nd year undergraduate Zoology (ZOOL 222: Evolutionary Biology) at the University of Otago (New Zealand)


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